About Son-Haul

Based in Fort Morgan and Denver, Colorado

Son-Haul Inc. is a 2nd generation family owned geo-technical construction firm specializing in soil stabilization. Established in 1986 as a trucking and stabilization company, we have now expanded our ability to offer soil stabilization solutions for a large variety of projects. Our management team and our employees are dedicated to providing superior service to meet our clients' needs.

Services that Save Time & Money

Son-Haul Inc offers a variety of services for your soil stabilization project including:

Fly Ash - Class C-Fly Ash can be used as a stand-alone material or as a product blend. It has been used successfully to improve the strength characteristics of soils achieving superior results for a variety of highway construction projects.

Cement - Cement-Treated Base (CTB) has provided economical, long-lasting pavement foundations for over seventy years. These structure have combined soil and/or aggregate with cement and water which is then compacted to high density.

Lime - Lime stabilization is not a complex process and is easy to carry out. Developing a proper mix design and testing is the first step. In-place mixing is used to add the appropriate amount of lime to the soil, mixing it to an appropriate depth.

Asphalt Pulverization - Depending on the construction equipment available and the thickness of the existing pavement, the roadway may need to be scarified (ripped) before it can be pulverized. Son-Haul equipment, however, is capable of pulverization without scarification first.

Full Depth Reclamation - Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) uses the old asphalt
mixed with a base material to construct a new road. There’s no need to haul in aggregate or haul out old material for disposal. A surface consisting of a thin bituminous chip seal, hot-mix asphalt, or concrete completes the road.

Variety of Projects

Son-Haul Inc. uses the latest soil stabilization techniques and products to ensure high quality results. Projects range in size and scope, and our team of professionals can help determine your needs and how we can best suite your soil stabilization projects.

Other Highlights

Coal combustion products preserve land otherwise used for disposal.

Conserve natural resources as the need to extract virgin materials is eliminated.

Reduce greenhouse gas production.