Asphalt Pulverization in Fort Morgan, Denver & Centennial, CO

Depending on the construction equipment available and the thickness of the existing pavement, the roadway may need to be scarified (ripped) before it can be pulverized. Son-Haul equipment, however, is capable of pulverization without scarification first.

Quality full-depth recycling is usually performed using equipment especially designed for this purpose. The depth of pulverization is usually 6 to 10 in. (150 to 300 mm), which on secondary roads will typically include all of the surface and base, plus some part of the subgrade. To achieve the proper gradation after pulverization, more than one pass of the equipment may be necessary. The particle distribution should have 100% smaller than 2 in. (50 mm) and 55% passing a No. 4 (6-mm) sieve.



Shaping and Grading.

The pulverized material is shaped to the desired cross-section and grade. This could involve additional earthwork in order to widen the roadway. Final base elevation requirements may necessitate a small amount of material removal or addition.