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Cement-treated base (CTB) has provided economical, long-lasting pavement foundations for over seventy years. These structure have combined soil and/or aggregate with cement and water which is then compacted to high density.

The advantages of cement soil stabilization are many:

  1. Cement stabilization increases base material strength and stiffness, which reduces deflections due to traffic loads. This delays surface distress such as fatigue cracking and extends pavement structure life.
  2. Cement stabilization provides uniform, strong support, which results in reduced stresses to the sub-grade. Testing indicates a thinner cement-stabilized layer can reduce stresses more effectively than a thicker unstabilized layer of aggregate. This reduces sub-grade failure, pothole formation, and rough pavement surfaces.
  3. Cement stabilized bases have greater moisture resistance to keep water out; this maintains higher strength for the structure.
  4. Cement stabilization reduces the potential for pumping of sub-grade fines. 5. Cement stabilized base spreads loads and reduces sub-grade stress.

CTB is a cemented, rigid material that distributes load over a larger area due to its slab-like characteristics and high beam strength. CTB is practically impervious; it resists freezing/thawing cycles, rain or high ground water tables and spring weather damage. CTB continues to gain strength with age, even under traffic loading.